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Admiralty Law Attorneys & Maritime Lawyers – Offshore Accident Lawyers

Many people wonder what the Admiralty and Maritime Law are related to. The fact is, these laws were designed to deal with the way waterborne craft interact with each other. Maritime laws are designed to settle disputes, encourage commerce, and help injured sailors and sailors.

Maritime law in the United States is compiled by a list of statutes that cover all waterborne activities occurring in United States waters. In the past, maritime laws only covered specific areas such as victims of maritime air disasters and inland water workers. Modern maritime law now covers a much larger area of ​​occupations, accidents and situations.

There are currently several law firms that represent sailors, longshoremen and sailors who have been injured while working offshore. Maritime and Admiralty laws were designed by the United States government and contain dozens of levels of federal, state, and local regulations that apply to a variety of situations. Because of this, maritime litigation is often very extensive.

Some types of maritime accidents that can happen include accidents on barges, ferries, casino ships, cruise ships, shipping vessels, tankers and tugboats. There are literally thousands of types of these boats, but they are the major ones. In addition, there are several types of workers who are covered by these Maritime and Admiralty laws. Some of the jobs include seaman, engine utility man, deck engineer, harbor pilot, longshoreman, dock worker, fisherman, ferry worker and barge hands.

If you are a sailor, sailor or any other type of offshore employee, and have been involved in a maritime accident, you have the right to take legal action. Please visit our website for an updated list of dedicated and experienced Maritime Lawyers. They will assist you with your maritime lawsuit and guide you in obtaining the legal compensation that you are entitled to.



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