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Captain America Didn’t Hesitate to Kill Colossus in the Most Brutal Way l screenrant

When Colossus and Deadpool were hired by Tony Stark to find and capture Steve Rogers, Captain America didn’t hesitate to brutally kill Colossus.

While Colossus’ mutant ability gives X-Man super strength and biological armor protection, his mutation couldn’t save him from Captain America, who didn’t hesitate to kill Colossus in the most brutal of ways possible. Reflecting its main continuity in an alternate world within the Marvel Universe, a corrupted version of Colossus and Captain America face off, though their fight is tragically cut short as Colossus proves he’s not that strong. as his mutation might suggest.

In Avengers: Halloween Special Story titled “The Thing From Another Time” by Jane and Sylvia Soska, Jonas Scharf and Jordan Boyd, Tony Stark employs Deadpool and the Colossus to retrieve Captain America’s body from its icy stop. before anyone else can get it. , When Iron Man, Deadpool and the Colossus arrive in the icy tundra, they find that Captain America is already awake and standing upright, making it more of a challenge to hold himself, as if he were still frozen. . The team underestimated how much of a challenge it would be, considering this version of Captain America to be a little different from the original and a lot more brutal.

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Tony Stark escorted the team to Captain America’s place via helicopter, and after a “Rock, Paper, Scissors” match between Colossus and DePool, which Deadpool lost, Deadpool ejected Colossus by helicopter despite losing the match. Gave. As soon as he landed on the ground, he reached near Cap. However, just as he got close enough to Captain America, the First Avenger threw his shield at the Colossus and hit him a nail in the head. Instead of Captain America’s shield usually rendering him unconscious for his victims, the shield was thrown with such force that it pierced Colossus’s organic metal and killed him instantly.

While the scene portrayed Captain America in a much darker light, it proved to be more like a completely useless colossus than other heroes and villains in the wider Marvel Universe. Colossus’s organic metal is strong enough to fend off bullets or attacks from weak metals, but it leaves X-Man vulnerable to attacks from both Vibranium and Adamantium, meaning heroes like Captain America and Wolverine can play with little effort. Can kill Colossus. Even considering his supernatural power, Colossus is still much weaker than any other Marvel character, who also displays super strength, allowing both of his mutant abilities to be combined with the same powers or resources. Is built on someone else’s weak side. In a world with metals that can easily break his armor, and people who can destroy him with barely lifting a finger, Colossus just doesn’t stand out as a uniquely formidable hero.

Even though Captain America was uncharacteristically murderous in this issue, Steve Rogers fans need not worry because he was captured by an alien creature during the story, so his inspirational character remains intact. However, this comic shows the kind of damage Captain America could inflict on the Colossus if he were ever so inclined. Captain America doesn’t hesitate to kill Colossus in the most brutal way possible, proving his superiority over the X-Men member while also revealing Colossus’s damaging vulnerability.

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