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Insurance For Beginners


Welcome to the Global Business Guide. In this context, we will talk about insurance industry, general definition of insurance, adequate and accurate explanation of definition, brief conversation about history, insurer, insured, class of insurance, role of underwriter in insurance. Industry and how you as an individual can make the most when you insure yourself, your car, your home, even your business. We hope that you enjoy reading this article and that your search for the above topic will be summed up.

Insurance is a financial institution classified as a non-bank financial institution. They are important financial gap-mile diaries. It is believed to have originated from the ancient practices of the inhabitants of the valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in present-day Iraqi around 4.000 BC. History has it that in 1800BC, the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi contained provisions that contained elements of insurance in the laws governing their commerce. But what we have in the industry today, both locally and internationally, has turned into a much larger industry worldwide from just an agreement between two individuals.

By definition, we learn that insurance refers to a situation in which a person protects himself from risk and mitigates the effects of uncertainties as well as distributes losses. Another explanation for this is the condition by which a certain sum of money collected from someone by an insurance company is agreed to pay compensation or provide services to that person if and whenever that person is insured. suffered damages specified in the agreement; And to clarify, this is where an insurance company comes into play because they are the people who will settle with a person taking out an insurance policy against any belongings of any person. The industry is widely regarded as a means by which people reduce the risk of unforeseen circumstances. As financial intermediaries, they act as intermediaries between surplus units and deficit units of the economy thereby sustaining the general growth of the economy.

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One may ask, how do insurance companies generate money used to indemnify their policy holders when they are affected by an accident? The answer to this question, would lead us to talk about the various means through which insurance companies make their money and how their policy holders are compensated. The truth is, the money they collect from their policy holder (ie an agreement with an insurance company) is invested in the form of premiums (an extra amount paid over and above the normal cost of something. By BBC Eng. Dictate) and that money is invested in bonds, stocks, mortgages (ie houses) and government securities (in our later article, we’ll cover more of this: bonds, stocks, mortgages and government securities). They generate income for themselves and those in their service. They invest their policy holder’s money in a better business, wherein the maximum return on investment is short-term and from there on claims and losses to meet their multiple needs as and when required. These funds are self-invested, so that not only do they earn interest for being added to the funds, but they also benefit the government, public authorities and industries whose securities are invested because of the insurer’s investment policy. (we will explain later), their reserves are not left idle but used productively.

Another way through which insurance companies compensate the people engaged in their service is by using the contributions of several to compensate some of them who were affected by the misfortune of the insured. So the loss of a few is shared by many.

We hope that by now you must have understood the above explanation about insurance company. Now the next thing that we will consider is the functions of insurance companies.

Among other functions, the main function of the insurance company is to bear the risk, with the financial losses of individuals being distributed judiciously among several people, for example, in the event of a fire, the policy holders in fire insurance share a common pool. Pays premium, out of which compensation is given to the loss sufferers.

tasks include

  1. The insurance industry particularly encourages savings (i.e. wealth protection) through its life policies which provide money for family, welfare and old age provisions. It provides employment opportunities for those who have interest in working with the industry.

Insurance companies work hand in hand with commerce. Its existence is attributed to commerce (ie business in general both industrial etc.) and in turn owes its strong stability to commerce insurance, this is because it helped in various ways to increase the general trend in business .

Before we move on to other tasks, let us explain these two terms: Insurer; This will help us in our understanding as the insured.

Insured Person: It is the party affecting the insurance in other words, the person or the person who is taking the insurance policy. This can be done either directly or indirectly or through an agent or broker.

Insurer: This is the party who provides the protection to be covered by the policy. The insurer covers every other stipulation that an underwriter is a senior officer of an insurance company whose business is vested in the company starting new business.

An insurance company has a contract that promises to pay compensation at a future date for a consideration known as premium (i.e. money paid by the insurer to the insurer for the insurance cover provided in the policy). The way we have in other contracts, that is, that the contract is based on the principles of offer and acceptance, consideration and competence of the contract. In these contracts, specifically insurance involves two parties i.e. the insurer and the insured.

task 2

The insurer, on account of their principal function, collects a large sum of money which they keep as a custodian and from which claims and losses are met. Like some countries, their insurers operate in many parts of the world and make large sums of money in the foreign market in terms of underwriting profits and investment income. This tells us that insurance is a large part of that country’s invisible exports.

As we continue in our work, let’s look at the role of the insured and the insurer.

Roles of the Insured:

In insurance, when the proposer is insured, the insured party is known as the proposer throughout the negotiations, and until the contract is in full force. The insurer plays an important role in enforcing this above contract, knowing that in an insurance contract, as we said earlier, the offer and acceptance is based on the principle of consideration and competence of the contract, the contract always being certified in writing. It consists of various forms for filling and signing. If the insured does not accept the insurance offer and gives careful consideration to it, there may be hardly any ability to contract i.e. the insurance contract may never happen. So, from this, we now learn that both these parties (i.e. the insurer and the insured) must be involved before an insurance contract can become a policy.

Insurer’s Roles

Here we are considering the roles of the insurer as ancillary functions of insurance; This is because in the general sense (they have a wide range of functions), the insurer is the one who provides essential insurance services, benefits to the insured, on the basis of an insurance policy, in case of an accident. The insurer also helps in loss prevention in the following ways:

We know that the extent to which loss prevention is being looked at is mostly on property. An individual or a population could suffer material loss if it were not for the intervention of loss prevention plan by the insurance companies to their policy holders.

The insurer also helps grow the business enterprise: Many large-scale enterprises today can build their business in good faith, in other words, transfer all of their risk to the insurance company. Insurance companies help maintain and stabilize the current large scale business and organizations environment.

Many questions were arising in the minds of the viewers that how can the policy holder be compensated, should there be any accident in the covered policy. It is better for us to note that the insurance company, when the policy holder suffers a loss, can compensate for his loss, but it can only indemnify him and bring him back to his normal financial position before the incident happened. can. And let him not profit from the calamity. This is generally because no amount of financial compensation can adequately pay for the life and health of the individuals, so life and personal accidents are treated as benefit policies. So there should be no misunderstanding on the fact that when an accident occurs, where the public is looking to give everything to the victim, and a nominal compensation for him or her. So let’s not rely on insurance companies in this area knowing that it is only restoration of exact condition prior to loss that is provided.

Now, as we have progressed so far in understanding the functions of insurance companies, the roles of the insured and the insurer, we will move on to look at the various ways through which all walks of life can benefit from being insured. . , For those who adequately accept insurance policies against all odds, benefits await them in areas such as

  1. Economic Insurance
  2. Personal Insurance
  3. Property Insurance
  4. Liability Insurance

We will take our time to give you adequate explanation in all the sub-sections of these areas which will be helpful for you.

  1. Economic Insurance: It deals with money or something of the like. This insurance policy mostly benefits company owners, directors, managers, etc. This insurance policy provides cover to the employer against unintentional loss of money, or in a situation where an employee can pay his employer a certain sum of money kept in his custody. Cheats or other incident/loss related matters. Other policies under economic insurance are; Fidelity guarantee (also known as surety ship), legal expenses, credit insurance and business interruption insurance. All of them have their different functions which are related to economic in some way or the other. As stated earlier, economic insurance provides cover for Chief Executive Officer, MD etc., if there is loss of money by intention or accident under the supervision of their employee or any officer of higher responsibility. This type of insurance cover, which is with their employee, will help them (ie the employer) indemnify them and also reduce the fear and stress to the employee that may cause an accident for him. Hence it is advised that you as an MD, CEO consider this policy very thoroughly. etc., especially with the help of your insurance broker so as to know enough, and be properly guided on how to go about it.
  2. Personal Insurance

It covers all classes of life insurance and accident policies. There are other types of person insurance, and each aims to meet the individual needs of individuals to provide a future for themselves or their dependents. Other sub-divisions of personal insurance are:

I. life insurance

ii. personal accident and illness insurance,

iii. permanent health insurance,

iv. social Security

These sub-divisions have various similarities which ultimately emerge to serve the same purpose, e.g. in life insurance, personal accident and illness insurance, this policy ensures that the policy holder is not affected by any misfortune, the result of which Will still be able to defend himself and his dependents in case of death resulting in permanent disability or death.

  1. Property Insurance

Property insurance policy covers insurance cover for property, any risk of loss or damage may be caused by fire, accident, theft or other perils. Under this, there are other sub-divisions which include:

I. motor insurance

ii. Marine Insurance

iii. fire insurance

iv. burglary insurance

v. special risk insurance

vi. all risk insurance

In all these sub-divisions of property insurance, all of them are given the respective insurance cover if there is any damage or loss related to the type of policy of the holder.

  1. Liability Insurance

It provides cover to the insured against his legal liability to others. This may arise due to the negligence of the insured in failing to act in a proper manner. Such behavior such as crossing the road without seeing properly on both sides of the road can lead to an accident. It may also arise through the trespass of the insured by the insured in the enjoyment of another person’s own or property (i.e. constitutes a nuisance to them) or through the trespass of the insured by a force or violent act on the property of another person. is an illegal act. Liability insurance is also sub-divided into liability of the employer to his employee and public liability by the insured. The two subdivisions of liability insurance give explanations for their respective liabilities, and since liability typically arises from lawsuits, the liability policy covers only those claims for which the insured becomes legally bound.

We should also keep in mind that no insurance policy can prevent theft, fire, or other misfortune or creation of legal liability, but can provide financial assistance in such situations. It also does not protect, for example, physical assets, which are the subject matter of insurance, but protects the financial interest of the insurer. This means that the insurer can get financial compensation only if there is an accident against anything and the property is not returned in case of fire or collapse (for building).


Overall, we hope that all these explanations will give you a better idea towards achieving the best course of action you want to take while taking your insurance policy. But, before approaching any insurance company, always make sure that you do not do anything without consulting your insurance broker (which will take you more time to tell you the suitable policies one by one). Already that the cost of insurance is less than the cost of insurance because the cost of insurance to the industrialist is for example passed on to consumers along with other product costs and consumers benefit from the existence of insurance through lower prices. So make sure to get your insurance done today. till I see you again. Thank you.



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