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Is Your Web Host Ready for 2022?

In the business of organic optimization I am often asked, what are the most important factors in search engine optimization, and does my host really affect my ranking? I hope this article clears up some of the noise you read on the web. My answer is simple and here it is..

No one has the patience for a slow website that’s why Google doesn’t like a slow website…

In organic optimization, we always think about the visitors first and then the ranking.

How does your host affect your SEO?

This topic of much debate is near and dear to my daily frustrations with organic optimization and with web design. Often I am not part of the process of choosing a hosting company for my clients and explaining why a good hosting company is so important not only for visitors but also for website performance in search results is a challenge in itself. Is.

You are who you host… What type of hosting and who you choose to host your website with affects where your website ranks in search engines. Choosing the right web hosting company doesn’t guarantee a ranking boost or page one position, but it does mean that you avoid serious consequences, and they are important. Hence, you need to choose carefully and not make your decision based on price or reviews.

So how do you choose a host?

While searching for different hosting companies is confusing at best, the web is full of affiliate sites that benefit from referring customers. You have probably seen many of these review sites that compare or evaluate different hosting companies and usually the one they are marketing is 5 star rated or #1. I am going to give you the best advice I can about any web review and I am sure it will shock me to uncover this truth but never trust a good review.

My first job in SEO was writing constructive and informative positive reviews in every aspect of the web from local listings to product reviews to blogs for an anonymous company. I’m not particularly proud of that experience, but it has taught me a lot about what to do and what not to do.

Fact.. Negative or bad reviews are 99.9% true and by real people, no right minded company will take the time to write a bad review about a product or service they sell. Still I would add some negative reviews by competitors or disgruntled customers and even then most hosting companies don’t see this as negative or as an opportunity to improve customer care and their products. It’s far more profitable to have the masses sign up and deal with them later.

So in short don’t base your decision on reviews only… rely on statistical data and ask around, find a reputable forum and ask. Quora is a great place to get answers to technical questions about anything.

So let’s get down to business and tell you how to choose a good host…

*Customer Service If any technical issues or financial issues arise you want to make sure you are not waiting on hold for 30 minutes. If you want to test a hosting company why not give them a call. Test them out and select tech support to see how long it takes them to get on line. Alternatively a host with live chat can be really helpful, the biggest issue I’ve come across is wait times exceed 30 minutes, but not very often.

*Go Local If your business is in the US, go with hosting companies that have servers in the US that will give you and your visitors the most speed. The search engine checks where you are to find out where your host is located for better search results.

*Reputation Your hosting plan can affect your SEO. This has long cast doubt on your host’s reputation and the types of sites they typically host and can affect your SEO. The issue is part technical and part history. If you choose a host that is only cheap and hosts nefarious sites then chances are that even if your site is not profitable for you due to its mixed with the dark side of the web.

*Get technical You don’t need to be Bill Gates to know how to ask the right questions. This is extremely important so here are some questions to ask.

What type of accommodation are you offering? is it shared hosting?

Shared hosting is when your website is hosted on a common server or computer and is limited by bandwidth upload and download speed. Bandwidth is like a straw and a shake, if you have a small straw and a thick shake, it’s hard to get the shake through the straw, increase the width of the straw and it will be much easier. This is always the affordable plan and works well for websites that aren’t heavyweight and aren’t built with WordPress, don’t contain a lot of media, images, videos, or expect to have a high rate of traffic. Where shared hosting goes wrong is a term called “Acceleration”.

Wiki-defined throttling is the intentional slowing down of Internet service by an Internet Service Provider. It is a reactive measure used in communication networks in a clear attempt to regulate network traffic and reduce bandwidth congestion. It’s just the traffic police! avoid any host that uses this method on their shared hosting plan. If your website is built on WordPress, the weight of plugins will cause your site to slow down to a snail speed, worse if your website uses a lot of memory and has high traffic expectations, it’s a terrible business practice and your site, your visitors and your ranking will be affected, avoid any host that implicitly does this.

What else should I know about a host?

Pay month to month instead of prepaid 1 year, or even 3 year contracts, which means that as soon as a hosting company stops meeting their standards, you can move your site to another, it’s a simple thing to do and it doesn’t take long. . I’ll also add that most people get confused on this topic, so I’ll expand a bit more. When you create a site, you do two things.

1) Once you register your domain name, make sure you find a name that explains or is part of what you do. For example, if you repair TVs, how about or Your URL and company name are the most important factors when it comes to rankings, so take your time and choose wisely.

2) Choose a hosting plan for your website

They are two completely different things! Again, domain registration is different from hosting, you won’t lose your website if you change hosts.

You can keep the original company for domain registration, but you can move hosts as you like, freely and easily, and as often as you like. You don’t lose your domain name or your website if you leave a bad hosting company. I hope this clears up this issue because I have dealt with this issue frequently and most people are afraid of losing their domain name or website once they switch hosts instead they would rather lose business, rankings and traffic which makes SEO extremely difficult.

If you have signed up for a long-term hosting contract and are having problems, you should write off the money paid and move to another host anyway, as losing a couple hundred in hosting costs is better than hurting SEO in the long run. . to your website.

Some web hosting factors that can affect your website ranking:

Uptime and downtime

Uptime/Downtime and Speed: These can fluctuate up and down significantly from month to month, so check them periodically. Hosts often change their type of plans to attract premium rates and offer cheaper plans, you may suddenly be put on the low end of the totem pole getting below average service because they just added a performance plan to a rate highest. As soon as you notice a problem, you should contact your web hosting company right away. Don’t assume they know about the problem. Even if they know about the problem, they may not really care. Therefore, it is advisable not to commit to a long-term web hosting contract, even if the monthly fee is a dollar more per month, never pay for the year in advance! A good business plan always has a way out, the same advice suits you.

Uptime and downtime

Uptime/Downtime and Speed: These can fluctuate significantly up and down from month to month, so check them periodically. Hosts often change their type of plans to attract premium rates and offer cheaper plans, you may suddenly be put on the low end of the totem pole getting below average service because they just added a performance plan to a rate highest. As soon as you notice a problem, you should contact your web hosting company right away. Don’t assume they know about the problem. Even if they know about the problem, they may not really care. Therefore, it is advisable not to commit to a long-term web hosting contract, even if the monthly fee is a dollar more per month, never pay for the year in advance! A good business plan always has a way out, the same advice suits you.

Downtime is the amount of time your website is inaccessible due to problems with the server it is hosted on. Search engine spiders will probably try to visit or crawl your site several times a day. If they visit your site during periods of inactivity, they record that it is inaccessible and move on to the next site. If this happens repeatedly, your site will be marked as untrustworthy and your ranking may be downgraded. Search engines don’t want to show untrustworthy sites in their results because it reflects badly on them if search engines click on a result they give and then can’t access the site. Even 99% uptime means that over the course of a month, your website will be down for around 7 hours total. Ideally, you want your website to be accessible 100% of the time, however some amount of downtime is inevitable, even on expensive web hosting plans. However, it’s not unreasonable to expect a web host to offer and guarantee 99.9% uptime, so don’t settle for less. IF you need to make some major changes to your site, it is advisable to put a page in maintenance to avoid this problem.


Search engines are normally very secretive about the factors that go into their algorithms, but suffice it to say that people like faster websites, which is why in 2010 Google explicitly said that the speed at which it loads a page is one of those factors. It’s only one of over 200 factors in the ranking, so it almost certainly has less than a 0.5% effect on your rankings, but it’s still worth paying attention to.

I use this website to check the loading speeds of pages that are not promoting a product and give you some great information:



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